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  • What is the basic rental time?


Basic rental time is 3 hours for an event. For rehearsals, the basic rental time is 2 hours. Additional hours will incur a cost based on venue selected.


  • What is the maximum capacity of the theater and music hall?


The maximum capacity of both venues is 125 people depending on setup. Please keep in mind adding tables will decrease the amount of people permitted in the room.


  • When is my event confirmed?


Events are not confirmed until the Facility Manager has issued a rental contract and a payment has been made. It is strongly suggested to not assume your event is confirmed until the rental contract is signed and submitted to the Facility Manager with a payment.


  • My event location was changed by personnel, is that allowed?


Yes the AHCAC administration reserves the right to change the location of your event if it impedes on the operations of the AHCAC. The administration will try its best to contact you in timely manner regarding any changes to your event.


  • Can I sell tickets to my event?


Yes. Please be sure to indicate the cost and how many on the application.


  • Can I have food at my event?


Of course, you are allowed to serve food at your event.


  • Can I sell food at my event?


Yes and no. You are allowed to sell food at your event however you or the company selling food must complete a vendor application form with the Facility Manager. Vendor fees are separate from the rental. Processing takes up to 30 days so please plan accordingly.


  • Can I sell merchandise?


Anyone interested in selling merchandise on county property must complete a vendor application form at least 30 days prior to day of event.


  • What are the guidelines for marketing our event?


All marketing materials (flyers, banners, programs, social media, etc.) must be approved by center director or his designee prior dissemination. Failure to comply can result in termination of event.


  • Is there a cost to become a vendor?


Yes. Vendor fees start at $50. Contact the Facility Manager for more information.


  • Are helium balloons allowed?


No. Helium balloons are not allowed. Failure to comply with this rule will result in an additional fee.


  • Do you all provide light and sound for events?


Yes, we can provide light and sound for your event however you are responsible for booking a Technical Director to control the equipment. For concert and plays, you must request the use of our Technical Director at least 30 days in advanced.


  • Is Security personnel required?


Yes. A security officer is required for all events to ensure the safety of all guests on our campus. The AHCAC may require you to reserve a Miami-Dade police officer depending on the type of event.


  • How much is the security personnel?


Basic security rate is $100 for four (4) hours. To find the rate for Miami-Dade Police officer, log on to https://was8exp.miamidade.gov/MDPDOffDutyWeb/home.do


  • Who is responsible for setup and clean up for an event?


You are responsible for setting up your event and cleaning the once the event is over. You are also required to bring a blank money order $150 the day of your event for clean-up insurance. Once the facility is cleaned, your blank money order will be returned to you. If the room is not back in its original order, the AHCAC will keep the blank money order.


  • How long do I have to setup and strike?


For social events, you are allowed 90 minutes before your event to setup and 60 minutes after to clean up. Theatrical events or larger productions may request longer setup/strike times at an additional cost.


  • Can I setup the day/night before my event?


If there facility requested is not in use, the Facility Manager can allow you to setup the day/night before your event at an additional cost.

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