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The African Heritage Cultural Arts Center is the nucleus of arts learning, training and access for Miami-Dade County’s African-American community.


The Center promotes and fosters the rich, diverse cultural perspective of people of African Heritage through high quality instruction for children and youth in dance, drama, instrumental music, vocal music, media and visual arts; the nurturing of in-house performing arts companies; a residency program for emerging artists; as well as exciting performances and visual arts exhibitions for the public.

2015 marks a remarkable milestone for African Heritage Cultural Arts Center as it celebrates 40 years of community building through the arts.


The AHCAC complex includes a black box theater, a music building with a concert hall, piano lab and several practice rooms, a dance studio that is accessible to individuals with disabilities, an art gallery, several studio spaces, a print shop and classrooms.


PROVIDE quality training in dance, drama, instrumental music, vocal music, media and visual arts.

DEVELOP in-house performing arts companies.

SUPPORT and assist emerging artists through our resident artist program.

HOST quality performances and exhibitions.

PROMOTE and foster the rich and diverse cultural arts perspective of people of African heritage.

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