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The Artist Residency Program supports local, emerging performance and visual artists and organizations in the development of cultural activities that enrich the community. The Artist Residency Program is incorporated with the Distinguished Artist Series. The Distinguished Artist Series invites artist to develop special projects, direct plays, create choreography and conduct workshops that enhance the artist and Center.


There are four (4) classifications of residents:


1. Amber (Novice Category) –  Groups or individuals who are in a developmental stage, but have a creative agenda that is inspirational and demonstrate potential. Novices are newly organized, and are actively working to obtain the appropriate documents and structure that will make them successful in the arts arena. They have a clear achievable mission. They may need advisement and in-kind support, but are seeking effective means to generate revenue.


2. Emerald (Apprentice Category) –   Groups or individuals who are effectively organized, have the appropriate documentation along with a supportive board, have clear objectives, have a scheduled season for their artistic expression and are enhancing the development of an audience for their events. The have demonstrated a high degree of artistic quality and professionalism. This group requires minimum in-kind support and is engaged in creative means to generate the needed income to support their objectives.


3. Topaz (Adept Category)- Groups or individuals who are well structured with a board, has attained their 501(c)3 status, has good artistic quality, have a proven track record, have developed a good strategy for marketing their events, have excited audiences, have received good reviews, are self-sustaining and continues to schedule a creative stellar season. The Adept groups have obtained grants, donations, funds and in-kinds that support their endeavors. They are recognized by their peers and/or the community for their outstanding work.


4. Indigo (Distinguished Artists Category) – are those individuals or groups who have attained a reputation for stellar artistic expressions and achievements. They have reached a professional standard of excellence and have a proven history of quality art; wherein, they are esteemed as an expert in their artistic field. They are scholarly and uniquely prepared to contribute to the growth and development of aspiring artists and have designed a system to accomplish such an artistic endeavor. They inspire and exemplify high creative levels in their artistic disciple. They are viable in attracting an audience.

Interested in being a Resident Artist?

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