Winds of Heritage Presents: REVELATIONS IN RHYTHM

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Winds of Heritage Presents: REVELATIONS IN RHYTHM

By Jazmin Jones
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flyer for Revelations in Rhythm

The Winds of Heritage Dance Company celebrates the roots of Tap dance with Revelations in Rhythm, a virtual tap dance concert featuring Miami’s own Marshall Davis, Jr. and world renowned Tap Dancer/Choreographer Savion Glover. The live concert will be held Saturday, September 12, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. online. Viewing is free and can be seen through Marshall Davis, Jr.’s Facebook live page at https://facebook.com/marshalldavisjrtap/live/ 

 Revelations in Rhythm is a production anchored in the sounds of tap as expression, communication, and musicality.  The dance concert will provide a stimulating auditory experience for the audience, as well as enlighten them to the traditions of tap as a language and its origins from Africa’s Diaspora.  Special guests also include dancers Maurice Chestnut, Adriana Ogle, and April Nieves. 

 Marshall Davis, Jr. is a former student of the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center who began dancing at the age of ten. From there, he trained under the late Steve Condos as well receive guidance from James “Buster” Brown, Edwin Holland, Paul Kennedy, Ted Levy, LaVaughn Robinson and Sam Weber. He was a member of the Tony-award winning cast of Bring in Da’ Noise Bring in Da’ Funk choreographed by Savion Glover and is now a professor at Queens College in New York City. Davis is excited to bring this phenomenal concert to the virtual space and share his love for tap dancing with some of the most sought after dancers in the world. 

 The Winds of Heritage Dance Company is the in-house dance apprenticeship program at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center (AHCAC). In 1984, the company was established for aspiring young dancers to develop their artistic development and appreciation for the art of dance. This apprenticeship program is for children ages 7-16 and is under the direction of AHCAC Dance Manager, Eulyce Eason. 

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