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The Colored Museum by George C. Wolfe

The Colored Museum is a 1986 play by African-American playwright George C. Wolfe. Serving as an elaborate satire of the prominent themes and identities of African-American culture, the play is set in a fictional museum where iconic African-American figures are kept for public consumption. Told in a series of eleven sketches, each segment centers on a different “exhibit” in the museum, and serves as a small one-person play or monologue. Exploring themes of racism, stereotypes, intra-community conflicts in black culture, and the ongoing legacy of slavery and segregation, The Colored Museum received overwhelming critical praise for its provocative subject matter and in-depth exploration of the African-American theatrical and cultural past. It has been performed in New Jersey, New York, and London, most famously at the Royal Court Theater. The initial cast featured prominent TV and movie actress Loretta Devine and was directed by L. Kenneth Richardson.

The Colored Museum has electrified, discomforted, and delighted audiences of all colors, redefining our ideas of what it means to be black in contemporary America. Its eleven “exhibits” undermine black stereotypes old and new, and return to the facts of what being black means. ” Mr. Wolfe is the kind of satirist who takes no prisoners. The shackles of the past have been defied by Mr. Wolfe’s fearless humor, and it’s a most liberating revolt!” – Frank Rich, The New York Times; “Brings forth a bold new voice that is bound to shake up blacks and whites with separate-but-equal impartiality. True satire.” – Jack Kroll, Newsweek.

The African Heritage Cultural Arts Center’s production of The Colored Museum will be Jamel Booth’s directorial debut.

Directed by: Jamel Booth

Show run: September 19, 2018- October 14, 2018

General Admission: $25

Opening Night: $35

Preview night (September 19th &20th): $10

Student ticket: $5

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